What we do


Project Development and Management

First Sky brings together funders and communities to create win-win solutions. Our ability to work with people at all levels of skill, education and cultural background make us the perfect partner between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people. Our leadership melds the long term big picture with short term practical steps to achieve project success. We specialize in the following services:

●      Negotiations

●      Government and business relations

●      Project development and implementation

●      Strategic planning

●      Event planning

●      Environmental stewardship

●      Administrative support

Capacity Development & Tech Training

As a former elected chief and job coach, James excels at identifying the gaps in skills that need to be addressed to make any project a success. James and the team at First Sky take pride in helping Indigenous governments, NGO’s and businesses develop the knowledge and skills to thrive in new roles and emerging fields in technology.

Communications and Social Media

Traditionally, our Indigenous Nations made decisions together and everyone’s voice was heard. Today the tools may be changing, but the core principles of effective communication remain the same. We at First Sky provide a team of Indigenous leaders, technologists and journalists to keep your team or community on the same page by providing the following services:

●      Communications policy development

●      Communications strategy development

●      Media relations

●      Social media content management

●      Training modules for social media

●      Indigenous Social Media Literacy Workshop

Website Design

A website that’s both easy to use and easy on the eyes is the core foundation of all online communications. Whether you are a band or tribal office looking to create an online community for your members, an organization looking to convey your message the right way, or a business looking for the perfect copy to sell your services, we have the team of developers, writers and graphic designers to tell your online story.

Drone Video and Virtual Reality

First Sky is an Indigenous industry leader in the use of drone and virtual reality technology. We encourage all First Nations to take their language and traditional teachings into the digital age through the use of these new and exciting technologies. Reach out to us to discuss the possibility of creating any of the following projects:

●      Language and culture video resources

●      Eco-tourism media productions of traditional lands and waters

●      App development