What we do

83DBB80E-C068-49DF-BE11-13695EC07F77Video, Technology, Social Media and Publishing Services

We specialize in video, technology, social media and publishing services. We have considerable experience in drone videography and exploration. Many of our video productions overlap with our publishing, website, multimedia and application development.

Social Media and Web Based Communications

  • Social Media development and management
  • Policy development
  • Website management, graphic design and platform integration
  • Communications strategies
  • Training modules

Book Publishing Services

  • First Nations nature guides
  • Educational textbooks
  • First Nations traditions and stories
  • Diabetic education and First Nations Cookbooks
  • Language education books and flash cards
  • Community development leadership and community vision
  • Advertising and media relations

Virtual Reality

  • Eco tourism platforms
  • App development

Technology Hub 

  • Blockchain development
  • Developer engagement

Public Engagement

  • Negotiations
  • Government relations
  • Project development and implementation
  • Event planning
  • Government and external relationships
  • Environmental stewardship
  • Administrative support