Indigenous Social Media Literacy



November 27th, 2017

Indigenous Social Media Literacy – Presented by FirstSky Media Group   

In this four hour introduction to Indigenous social media content and management, we will open the conversation on ethics, appropriation, voice, campaigns and approaching effective communications through modern social media applications.

Your guides in this journey are James Delorme, former Chief of Klahoose First Nation and social media expert, and Bradley Shende, Digital Media innovator We will be covering a range of subjects which will introduce and enhance knowledge in the digital realm of indigenous and non-indigenous spaces.

Participants will learn:

  • What makes Indigenous Social Media different?
  • Top Indigenous Social Media influencers
  • Engagement strategies for Indigenous audiences
  • Cultural appropriation basics and indigenous protocol essentials
  • Platform selection and emphasis (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, SnapChat)
  • Establishing voice
  • Building followers organically and paid
  • Measuring results with free tools: Twitterfall 101
  • How to start a Social Media Campaign
  • Best practices in Communications
  • Web based video
  • YouTube essentials
  • Social media policy and protocols
  • ‘Get into the party’ demo
  • Influencing
  • Careers in the tech sector

Who should attend?

This session is both for First Nations or indigenous citizens or non-indigenous learners who are working to build internal capacity with communications and social media. It is also for government and business employees who want to communicate more effectively with clients or within your target audience.

This program is also good for entry level users with some basic skills in social media but can also be tailored for any new users.

For advanced users who want to to hone your talents within social media and communications this course will help build new ideas and have room for critical discussions on trending methodologies in analytics with a specific indigenous focus.    


Each participant by the end of the session will have a greater understanding of Social Media campaigns with an indigenous point of view allowing for a opportunities for reconciliation.    


  • November 27th, 2017
  • 10:00 am to 2:00 pm



Bradley Shende

A Digital Storyteller and natural nerd-to-english translator. Bradley has been creating sustainable and transformational projects in different mediums for more than twenty year. As an analyst and commentator on technology and media trends for CTV, Global, CKNW, Discovery, and he also reaches a global audience demystifying all things digital. He is a Sr. Faculty of the Digital Design and Development Program at the British Columbia Institute of Technology and is the Co-Founder of Canada’s first BIL Conference. He recently finished building the digital media property for APTN documenting the first all native production of Shakespeare in Canada.


James Delorme

James served as the elected Chief of Klahoose First Nation for three consecutive terms. In this role he also guided economic development for his nation with a focus on innovation as a wellspring of reconciliation. The projects he was successful in included Jimmy Creek, run-of-river hydro project, creation of cultural tourism business and brining innovation to the Klahoose. James has also served on the board of BC Assembly of First Nations, the Naut’sa Mawt Tribal Council and the Powell River Education Services Society. He has an extensive background in tourism, technology innovation and the forest industry. His focus has always been to build capacity within his own community and strengthen strategic economic opportunities for Klahoose and other First Peoples.

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